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Predicate Object
ids:cat_level 1
rdf:type ids:region
ids:hash mh9o78
ids:ss_search_api_language und
ids:cat_superparent 1
ids:id mh9o78-eldis_openapi_index_taxonomy-95774
ids:is_tid 95774
ids:superparent_object_id C1
ids:name Africa South of Sahara
ids:cat_parent http://idswrapper.appspot.com/eldis/resource/theme/C1
ids:category_path_autocomplete Africa South of Sahara
ids:level 1
ids:toplevel_object_id C21
ids:title Africa South of Sahara
ids:cat_first_parent http://idswrapper.appspot.com/eldis/resource/theme/C21
ids:archived false
ids:timestamp 2018-01-26 03:42:59
ids:site eldis
ids:item_id 95774
ids:category_id 21
ids:index_id eldis_openapi_index_taxonomy
ids:parent_object_id C1
ids:category_path Africa South of Sahara
ids:metadata_url http://api.ids.ac.uk/openapi/eldis/get/regions/C21/full/africa-south-of-sahara/
ids:title_autocomplete Africa South of Sahara
ids:object_id C21